Hosting Designed
Around the Needs of Your Business

Business Hosting – What Do I Need?

At Sleek, we build our hosting solutions around the needs of our customers, sizing our solutions to fit their exact requirements.

Our platforms are always highly scalable and as your business grows, your platform can be easily expanded to support that growth.

Our bespoke, flexible approach to designing hosting platforms means that we can accommodate the needs of every size and type of business.

From start-ups right through to large multi-national corporations – we can design you the ideal hosting package.

Know what you’re looking for?

If you know the kind of solution you’re looking for, view the different solutions we offer on the ‘Solutions’ page. Find out more about what we offer and get in touch with us to discuss your requirements in more detail.

I’m Not So Sure

If you’re not sure, we have matched our hosting solutions with business needs and aims, to enable you to narrow your search to the most appropriate options.

Look under the ‘Scenarios’ heading and click the option that best describes your current situation and find out more about the hosting that is best placed to meet your needs.

It is not an exact science but it should help make things easier and remember: we’re here to help, so contact us and we can help choose the most appropriate solution for your business.

Still Not Sure – Let’s Talk

If you’re still not sure which kind of hosting is right for your business or you would like to talk in more detail about the options available, contact us.

We are always happy to talk about the different hosting packages available and what will support your business best now and into the future.

Talk to Sleek

If you’ve found the hosting to fit your current requirements or you know what you’re interested in, contact us below.

One of our hosting team can get in touch and talk to you in more detail about your requirements and how we can help.

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What’s your situation?

Match Our Hosting to Your Needs

To try and make your hosting research a little simpler, we have listed a number of broad, general business situations and then matched them to the appropriate hosting solutions.

These scenarios are not ‘catch-alls’ and each business’s particular circumstances are different but these statements may help you match your current situation to an appropriate hosting solution.

The Scenarios

The Start-up - What hosting do I need?

You are a new start-up or small business and you need to host your web presence, systems or email affordably.

Public Cloud Hosting

The Sleek public cloud platform offers a flexible, secure and scalable hosting solution that can be tailored to support a huge range of different applications.

Powered by VMware vSphere 5.0 and administered via the customer facing vCloud interface, the Sleek public cloud platform makes management of your virtual space incredibly simple and straightforward.

The flexible nature of the cloud means you only pay for what you need. You can also add and remove resources as required, to support your current requirements exactly, with no excess or shortfall.

It’s Ideal Because

The Sleek public cloud offers the sort of flexibility ideal for start-ups or a business that is just getting a feel for what their hosting requirements may be. It can expand and contract with you needs and offers great performance and affordability

Established IT Infrastructure - Looking to Make Savings

You already have an established IT infrastructure but you’re looking to cut expenditure and increase responsiveness, without losing performance or features.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting and virtualisation of traditional, physical IT infrastructure, can help businesses make significant cost savings.

A cloud platform hosted within the Sleek data centre can remove the need for capital expenditure on IT infrastructure, maintenance, upgrade and any of the costs associated with powering and cooling the equipment in the computer room.

The platforms will also benefit from improved performance, connectivity and resilience offered by the data centre.

Depending on your specific requirements, a public or private cloud platform can be created to support your needs.

Public Cloud Hosting

The Sleek public cloud platform is built to give our customers flexible, affordable and secure cloud hosting.

Virtual machines can be provisioned on the cloud with generous technical specifications, to meet a wide variety of business requirements.

Private Cloud Hosting

Private cloud hosting is a fantastic way to receive all the benefits of virtualization in a completely uncontended environment.

A Sleek private cloud is built and sized around your exact business needs, with all the performance, features and scalability you need to support your business objectives now and into the future.

It’s Ideal Because

Moving away from a traditional computer room setup and virtualising IT infrastructure via a public or private cloud can cut business costs and create huge agility in a platform.

The team at Sleek can assess your requirements and recommend which type of cloud hosting would offer the most support to your aims and objectives.

Making Money Online

You have or are launching, an e-commerce website and need secure, reliable and highly available hosting to ensure the best customer experience possible.

Virtual Dedication

For an e-commerce site, customer experience and security are two very significant considerations

The site needs to offer a smooth, fast experience for shoppers and be secure enough to protect personal and payment details and instill confidence in customers.

A private cloud or dedicated platform are two hosting formats that offer both focussed, uncontented resources to ensure perfromance levels and air-gapping from other solutions to provide reassurance from a security standpoint.

Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting is still a very popular choice for businesses looking to create a hosting ecosystem with complete separation and very specific hardware and configuration requirements.

We have put together a range of dedicated hosting packages with generous technical specifications and realistic pricing that will meet the needs of a range of different hosting requirements.

As with all our services, Sleek can tailor one of these standard package to better meet your needs. You can view the packages available on our dedicated hosting page or contact us for more details.

Private Cloud Hosting

A private cloud as its name suggests, it built for use by a single organisation and their requirements. It is separated from other solutions, with dedicated physical resource used to power the virtual assets of the cloud.

It offers flexibility, performance and the isolation from other systems that satisfies security criteria.

It’s Ideal Because

Dedicated hosting and private clouds allow a business to create a platform tailored to their exact requirements and separated from other solutions.

This total control of the hosting environment – configuration, security and performance – while minimising outside influences and factors is crucial to getting an e-commerce site performing optimally for the needs of a business and its customers.

Deliver Staff Desk-Tops at Lower Cost with Greater Flexibility

You would like to keep your staff desktop programs up-to-date and allow more flexible working.

Public or Private Cloud

Staff desk-top programmes are essential for the running of most business operations and the costs associated with keeping them up-to-date and maintained is substantial.

Delivering virtual desk-tops via the cloud (public or private) can help reduce your costs and keep your staff as productive as possible with the latest releases and access from anywhere.

Public Cloud

Virtual resources created on the Sleek public cloud can quickly be provisioned to supply virtual desk-tops with access to the software applications you require.

Your workforce can then access their desk-tops remotely from any authorised PC’s, tablets or mobile devices that are compatible and Sleek control the troubleshooting of the virtual infrastructure, reducing your costs and maintenance concerns.

Private Cloud

A private cloud would offer the same functionality as the public version, but allows for a more tailored and controlled environment.

If you had a large number of users who required virtual desk-top resources, a private cloud could be more readily configured around your exact requirements.

It’s Ideal Because

Delivering virtual desk-tops via a cloud platform can remove the need for a great deal of expensive infrastructure and allow greater access to resources by your members of staff.

Virtualising infrastructure can increase the response times and flexibility of your IT operations, allowing the creation, deletion and amendment of virtual desk-tops to be completed rapidly and allowing you to size your operations to your needs, precisely.

I have Complex Requirements - I Need to Streamline & Outsource

You have a large IT infrastructure that supports complex systems, services and websites. You are looking for a managed solution to streamline your administration and deliver cost and performance benefits.

Enterprise Hosting

Enterprise hosting can consist of a range of different hosting technologies, all built around your businesses exact requirements and managed and monitored by Sleek.

Sleek will undertake a full review of your requirements and architect a solution to support them both now and in the future. We will use the technologies (cloud, dedicated, hybrid) that best meet your needs and deliver your business the most value.

Our enterprise hosting customers benefit from a dedicated service manager, who is familier with their environment and can respond quickly to issues and change requests. They will also keep abreast of developments within your organisation to better shape your platform to meet them over time.

It’s Ideal Because

Larger organisations or those with complex requirements and systems need responsive, managed platforms to support them.

A bespoke, pro-actively managed system with dedicated, knowledgeable support is the best way to deliver a complex presence that performs and exceeds organisational expectations.

I Need Secure & Legally Compliant Hosting

Your company’s online presence and systems need to be totally secure and comply with industry regulations for privacy and data protection.

Dedicated & Private

The security of our solutions is paramount for Sleek and we take every precaution to ensure their integrity. Some security compliance however, requires a range of different criteria from a hosting perspective that are better satisfied by our private cloud hosting and dedicated services.

To satisfy some compliance, separate hosting resources are required within a platform to perform certain functions or hold sensitive data. A bespoke, dedicated hosting system or private cloud platform can be configured exactly to meet any stipulations that your business operations are required to meet. The isolation of the platform makes this configuration simple to achieve and secure on an on-going basis.

It’s Ideal Because

A controlled, separated hosting environment, designed and built for the needs of one organisation, will meet security obligations exactly and be easier to secure and manage going forward.

Sleek can use dedicated hosting and private cloud technologies to create a solution that supports both your organisational needs and the requirements of the legal frameworks that govern your operations.