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If you’ve been thinking about moving your business hosting to the cloud, then the free 14-day VMware trial on the Sleek public cloud, could be perfect for you.

We have designed the trial to give companies the chance to test the benefits and features of our vCloud powered VMware hosting, without having to make any commitment from a migration or financial perspective.

Hosting sized to fit

Our approach to designing hosting solutions has always been customer focused, sizing the platforms around our customers’ needs and requirements. Our VMware free trial is no different.

Each trial is setup around the business applying, to give a true reflection of the capabilities and performance of the hosting required by the business, rather than a limited snapshot of what cloud hosting ‘could be like’.

This allows for much more accurate and thorough testing during the trial and makes the continuation from trial to full-time hosting seamless, if the business wanted to continue after the 14-day evaluation period.

The Sleek public cloud

The Sleek public cloud platform has been designed and built to offer businesses cost-effective, flexible, secure and scalable access to the cloud.

Built on enterprise class hardware from Hewlett-Packard, Cisco, Brocade and NetApp, the public cloud has been constructed to deliver performance, security and reliability to customers’ virtual machines.

Managed backup and a range of other network and connectivity services are available depending on a customer’s specific needs and a tailored package can be built around the cloud hosting to create the right ‘fit’ for a business.

Find out more about the Sleek public cloud VMware hosting or sign-up for a free trial.

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Adapt are cloud and enterprise hosting specialists. We build secure, responsive, resilient and scalable platforms that meet our customers business requirements.

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