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Sleek was founded to offer the outstanding service to customers that we felt they were just not receiving from ISPs and some of the other large Internet hosts.

To do this, we recognized that we needed to have full control of the data centre infrastructure that hosted our customer solutions and services.

We also wanted to create a high-specification, Leeds data centre to offer businesses in our region a viable alternative to London based facilities.

The London bias for data centre locations can be awkward for Northern based firms, particularly those looking for colocation space or leased line facilities.

Angel House

The Angel House data centre is located just outside Leeds city centre, making it an extremely convenient location for any companies based in and around the city. Excellent motorway links also make it a simple, straightforward journey from further afield in Yorkshire.

The gated, secure site offers ample parking for our customers and visitors, well-equipped work areas for engineers working on colocation configuration as well as relaxed, comfortable surroundings to just grab five minutes for a coffee and answer a few work emails!

Here we are!

Sleek Network Operation Centre

Sleek’s network operations centre (NOC) is also based at Angel House, as well as our other business support functions.

The proximity of our network engineers to the solutions in the data centre was an important factor in our decision to locate at Angel House.

Immediate, unfettered access to our network and servers is a key component in our highly responsive customer service experience and one of the main drivers for building our own data centre initially.

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Sleek Boys!Sleek Girls!Sleek DC reception - relax, get a little work done.We're well equipped, to support you.Customer work stations.Welcome to Angel House, Unit 4

Find Out More – Book A Tour

If you would like to find out more about the Angel House data centre, you can do so first-hand, by booking a data centre tour.

If you are considering colocation or any other hosting service with Sleek, you can see how and where your servers and data will be stored, secured and maintained.

Visit the tour page for more technical details on the data centre infrastructure or contact us to discuss any questions or requirements you have in more detail.

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