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At Sleek, we specialise in building cloud solutions for business.

Our solutions are flexible, scalable and secure. They are tailored around each customer to ensure they deliver real, tangible benefits for your business.

Cloud For Business

No matter what industry sector you operate in, Sleek can make cloud hosting and infrastructure work for you.

Whether it is hosting your online presence or backing up mission-critical data and systems, you’ll get a responsive, effective platform to support your business.

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Public Cloud

The Sleek public cloud is an affordable, flexible and scalable way to get your business into the cloud.

You only pay for the resources you use and you can choose to scale your platform up or down at anytime, to suit the needs of your business.

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Private Cloud

Private cloud infrastructure designed by Sleek can be perfectly tailored around the needs of your business.

Built solely for the use of your organisation, you can benefit from the accessibility and scalability of the cloud in an completely uncontended environment.

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Hybrid Cloud

A hybrid cloud platform takes elements from both public and private cloud infrastructure (and sometimes, even dedicated resources) to create a blended solution that perfectly supports your complex hosting requirements.

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Sleek Cloud Solutions

Reduce CapEx – Increase Performance

We take the same bespoke, tailored approach to all our cloud solutions, recommending the most appropriate formats for the needs of our customers, whether that is a public, private or hybrid cloud solution.

We re-engineer our standard cloud offerings to create a platform sixed exactly for the needs of your business. This creates the most responsive, efficient solution possible and one that delivers real, tangible value.

Capital expenditure on expensive physical hardware will be reduced and with no wasted resources, your performance will improve.

Every customer and platform we build is then backed by our dedicated, UK based, hosting engineer support.

Safe & Secure

All Sleek cloud solutions are built with the utmost security in mind.

All our public, private and hybrid cloud platforms offer your data and systems a safe, secure virtual environment. These measures, coupled with our advanced onsite security, are all designed to protect our customers, their platforms and data.

Air Gap Your Cloud

Sometimes organisations require an actual physical separation of their systems from other cloud customers based on the same platform. In these instances, Sleek can build a bespoke, single user, private cloud infrastructure around your specific requirements.

If Sleek engineers identify low risk resources that can be served by the public cloud, we can integrate these with the private portions of your cloud infrastructure to create a hybrid cloud. This sort of blended platform takes the most appropriate elements from both cloud formats to create peformance gains, cost savings or both.

Dedicated Support

Sleek operate a 24 hour, 365 days a year support function, based in our network operation centre in Leeds, West Yorkshire.

We want our customers to get immediate responses to their queries and change requests from knowledgeable, trained staff, not stock answers and call back requests.

This is why we never use call centre staff. Our support team is made up entirely of qualified hosting engineers, each familier with our customers solutions and services.

They respond quickly and effectively to customer requests and issues and are able to make suggestions and recommendations based on a real understanding of your platform and needs.

Pro-active Service

We also take a pro-active approach to managing our customer’s platforms, monitoring their performance to ensure potential issues are identified and dealt with quickly.

Our service management team builds close relationships with our customers, gaining a greater insight into their business and requirements to and ensuring develop their platform.

What Our Customers Think

Sometimes it is just best to hear about a company or service from the people who have experienced it. We have put together a range of customer case studies and success stories that illustrate the kind of service you can expect when you work with Sleek. We are proud of the work that we do and of the part that our cloud solutions play in the growth and success our customers achieve.

Take a look at some of the quotes from our customers below and read all our case studies here.


Sleek have offered us a refreshing new approach to enterprise-level infrastructure management, far more flexible and usable than larger hosting companies, but without sacrificing technical know-how and on-the-mark operations.

The cloud-based infrastructure offers us scalability and performance without the commensurate sacrifices in stability and up-time found in public cloud solutions.

Andy Skipper, Chief Technology Officer, Made.com

View the case study in full here.

Cloud 101

If you want to know a little more about the basics of cloud hosting, we have created a brief overview to help you get an understanding of the fundamental principles. There will be questions at the end!

Cloud 101

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud Computing has become a broad term used to describe technology that is delivered to the end user as a service and where the end user has no or little knowledge of the physical location or the configuration of the environment that delivers that service.

Typically, the service is enabled by virtualisation technologies using large clusters of multi-tenanted physical hosts and storage silos to present a number of Virtual Machines to the end user. These Virtual machines can often have the resources available to them flexed up and down on demand, in order to meet the changing work profiles of the customers’ business. In addition, end users are presented with management tools that allow them to self provision their own computing resources and monitor the day to day performance of those VM’s.

Cloud computing is often presented as a utility based model where computing resources and storage are billed as a metered service similar to a traditional public utility such as electricity or gas. This has proved attractive for some businesses that prefer operational expenditure to paying one-time capital expenditure for a platform that might have infrequent intensive computing tasks.

Cloud 101

Cloud Evolution

However, Cloud Computing by definition is not all things to all men and therefore the term has evolved to encompass a wider range of principles and models for delivery that more accurately make the overall concept attractive to a broader set of business needs.

This has come about because whilst the core principles of cloud technology (Virtualisation, Metering, Fault Tolerance, Scalability, Self Provisioning & Maintenance) are generally attractive to most businesses, the traditional enabling infrastructure was often architected in a way that prohibited its adoption by a large set of users such as corporates, financial institutions and those generally requiring mission critical, secure and compute intensive environments.

This reticence has led to the development of private cloud and hybrid cloud infrastructures. These cloud infrastructures use elements of a traditional cloud environment but are built for single use with uncontended resources, making them more acceptable to corporate and financial customers.

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