Sleek’s Hybrid Cloud solution leverages the benefits of both public and private clouds but also may include some dedicated server infrastructure to service more demanding requirements.

This is truly a bespoke service and is used to deliver many of our enterprise level hosting platforms which demand high performance and high availability.

Historically this would have been architected using solely dedicated equipment throughout but we can now provide a hybrid model that includes cloud computing and the benefits that the cloud brings.

A Blended Platform

Sleek harness the inherent strengths of dedicated and cloud hosting to create a blended platform that channels those strengths to the areas of your business that will benefit from them the most.

How do Hybrid Platforms Work?

An example of how this this sort of hybrid construction may be a large e-commerce web site that demands dedicated infrastructure to enable its database backend, a private cloud to serve its web content, DNS services, mail relays or domain controllers and a public cloud service offering for low utilisation and low risk services such as a blog or holding pages.

Hybrid cloud platform

Public Cloud

Scalable, secure, multi-tenanted environment at lower cost with flexible payment options.


Powerful, focused processing for resource intensive, critical platform elements.

Private Cloud

Air-gapped from other solutions, a flexible, secure, uncontended virtual infrastructure.

Sleek Hybrid Cloud Benefits
Why hybrid?
  • Focuses the strengths of each technology in the platform
  • Delivers the right resources to the right areas
  • Tailored around your needs precisely
  • Designed specifically to support complex requirements
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The Sleek Difference

As experienced Internet architects we have significant experience of each of these principle service technologies and believe a combination of all of these services can often best benefit a customer by leveraging the strengths of each component for both technical and commercial reasons.

By combining these models and services (which can be across multiple data centres) we can often deliver a higher SLA for our customers and a platform that more accurately fits your business needs.

Hybrid Cloud in Practice

We have implemented this hybrid cloud approach for a number of different customers, across very different industries.

The customers all had complex hosting requirements that could not be satisfied totally by a single technology platform, requiring a bespoke, hybrid design to meet them fully.

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