Sleek’s Private Cloud offering comprises of infrastructure that is designed and operated solely for the use of a single organisation. This model is best suited to companies that require all the benefits of a Cloud Computing environment but need to ensure that the underlying enabling architecture is not contended with any other customer and where security zoning is paramount (PCI Compliance for example).

Sleek have a huge amount of experience in Cloud technologies, building Private Cloud platforms for customers all over the world. All of our private platforms are tailored to the specific needs of customers to create a best-fit solution that delivers their desired outcomes and more.


The service begins with a consultation period to fully capture your functional requirements and is followed by a detailed design phase that delivers a comprehensive technical solution.

Our Private Clouds typically comprise of hardware architecture that is similar to our Public Cloud offering, the difference being that each cluster, storage array, network and firewall is dedicated to you and ‘air gapped’ from any other customers.

Private Clouds can be delivered on VMware or Citrix XenServer as a fully Managed Service or customers can opt for ‘self maintenance’ and ‘self provisioning’ modules via secure management tools.


All elements of the infrastructure have been designed with resilience in mind and our Cloud solutions span multiple Data Centres.

The platforms are serviced with resilient network connectivity, power and cooling. Our storage and backup systems allow us to automatically recover from component failure extremely quickly, ensuring minimal disruption to services.

Housed in our Data Centres with multiple Internet connections from Tier 1 ISPs, these services are ideally placed to provide a low-cost/high-performing Internet Infrastructure service.


The detailed and innovative approach we take to our Cloud platforms has facilitated a successful move into International markets, delivering our solutions to customers around the globe.

If you work for an organisation based outside the UK and would like to talk to us about your requirements, then please contact us today.

We have a great deal of experience working with International clients and have developed and delivered specific Cloud products to better meet their needs.

Sleek in the Middle East

Sleek have recently secured a major project with the Qtel Group LLC, in Doha, Qatar.

This project is one of the new relationships Sleek have developed in Qatar as we continue to build a strong presence in the Middle East.

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A Secure, Bespoke Platform Designed Just For You
We build our Private Cloud platforms for you, for your business and for your individual needs. This tailoring ensures you get a system that delivers the benefits of the Cloud in the best possible way for your organisation.

Agility & Scalability
Cloud technology combined with the way we construct our Private Cloud solutions adds a core of flexibility and scalability to your infrastructure.

These two factors create a more responsive system, able to quickly and cost effectively meets the changing demands of the business.

Reduce Your Spend – Not Performance
A Sleek Private Cloud can be a fully managed hosting service or self managed with support from our team of engineers.

Whichever way you choose to manage your Cloud, you will cut the cost of your IT spend while gaining the performance benefits of our system design, support and infrastructure.

Case Studies

We have built private cloud infrastructure to meet a wide range of different requirements for a wide range of different organisations. Take a look at a few selected examples below and read more, in our case studies section.

Private Cloud Case Studies

Sleek have built Private Cloud platforms to support a range of different business requirements and needs.

Find out more in the case studies below:

The Red Candy Private Cloud

The Selima Private Cloud

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