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The Sleek public cloud can set your infrastructure free with a completely customisable, flexible and scalable platform for you to use as the foundation for your online services.

Seamless Cloud Transition

We were among the early adopters of virtulisation and can help your organisation transition from your existing physical infrastructure and service suppliers, smoothly and effortlessly.

The Sleek Public Cloud

With our public cloud infrastructure, you can quickly and affordably harness the benefits that the cloud offers with the minimum disruption to your existing systems and services.

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The Sleek public cloud is an extremely flexible way to host your online presence and it can be easily tailored to support your website, email, applications and systems.

Cut back on costly physical infrastructure and benefit from the redundancy, resilience and managed infrastructure of the Sleek public cloud.



The ability to access your systems and servers from anywhere can provide a significant boost to productivity and workflow.

Cloud infrastructure can facilitate mobile working and frees your staff from the traditional ties of the office and server room, creating truly agile infrastructure.



The Sleek public cloud is quickly and easily scaled. If you need additional resource for busy periods or marketing campaigns, that extra capacity can be simply bolted onto your hosting package.

Inversely, if you find you need less capacity, your services can be scaled down. Your public cloud can be sized for your needs and will keep pace with your development.



We make moving to the cloud straightforward and affordable. Our public cloud packages are sensibly, realistically priced and with its inherent scalability, you only pay for what you need.

We will size your requirements and design a public cloud package around you – no excess, no waste, just what you need and the ability to grow as required.

vCloud Powered

vCloud Powered

The Sleek public cloud is built on on the industry leading VMware hypervisor technology. The vCloud Director is an incredibly elegant, controllable and straightforward way of transferring complex, physical architectures to the cloud.

Gone are all the power hungry, expensive and bulky servers from the computer room, replaced with a simple vCloud Director interface to manage your virtual data centre, hosted in the Sleek cloud.

Create virtual machines with a few clicks and scale your resources quickly to meet increased demand. Pay affordable prices for what you use and keep your hosting platform aligned closely to your needs. No waste, no resources constrained or pushed beyond their limits.

Built To Last

Our public cloud clusters are architected using the same design principles we apply to all our bespoke environments and are enabled using physical hosts from the HP Proliant Server family, storage using NetApp appliances and security and load balancing tiers from Cisco and Brocade.

Our public cloud infrastructure is hosted across multiple data centres to deliver resilience. To find out more about Sleek data centres, take the online tour of our Leeds data centre.

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What Our Customers Say

Sleek came highly recommended to us and right from the initial meeting we knew we were on the right track. Sleek were able to provide us with a solution customised to our needs and budget but which could grow as we did.

Stuart Jones, Group IT Manager, Stephenson Group

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We have deployed public cloud solutions for customers across a range of different industries and sectors.

These have been either stand-alone solutions or integrated as part of a larger, hybrid cloud platform.

Whatever your hosting requirements or the industry that you operate in, we can tailor our public cloud offering to support your aims, growth and success.

For more public cloud case studies and customer success stories, take a look at the case studies section of our website.

Talk to us about public cloud hosting with Sleek, we can discuss your options and suggest the best possible solution for your current needs.