VMware Hosting with Sleek

Cloud hosting designed for business

The Sleek VMware public cloud has been designed and built to deliver enterprise levels of performance and security at extremely competitive costs.

It is the perfect platform for businesses that want to lower capital expenditure on IT while improving the usability and flexibility of their infrastructure.

Try VMware Hosting For Business Free For 14 Days

You can try VMware hosting for business on the Sleek public cloud free, for 14 days with no obligation. Simply contact us or sign-up via the website and we’ll give you access.

You are under no obligation to purchase hosting with us following the trial but we’re confident that the experience will help convince you of the benefits of hosting in the cloud, with Sleek.

Find out more and sign-up here.

Speed and Agility: Built In

Virtulising your IT infrastructure and web presence on the Sleek public cloud can increase your business agility, allowing you to scale services up and down to quickly respond to your changing requirements.

The VMware vCloud interface is intuitive and simple to use, allowing you to provision extra resources with just a few clicks.

Cost Effective

With Sleek VMware hosting you only pay for the resources that you use.

If you need to scale-up your hosting package temporarily then you only pay for those additional resources while you use them. You are not saddled with the bill for capacity that you no longer use.

To remove those additional resources, simply contact the Sleek support team and we will remove them from your account.

Sleek Performance

At Sleek, we always use the best infrastructure and software to build our solutions. Our VMware hosting is no different.

HP servers, NetApp SAN storage and Syncsort backup software support our multi-tenanted public cloud clusters, with the industry leading VMware vSphere 5.0 powering the virtualisation and the customer facing vCloud interface.

This commitment to high-quality infrastructure ensures your virtual environment is stable, secure and provides the performance you need to run your systems effectively.

Backup & Restore

Regular backups of your systems and data are vital.

Our Syncsort software solution works in combination with NetApp storage to take regular backups of your mission-critical data and ensures that it can be restored quickly and smoothly if required.

Sleek Support

We understand that our customers want a customer service experience to match the standard of our cloud services.

That is why we have invested heavily in developing our UK based, English speaking operations team.

Whether you simply have a technical question or are in urgent need of support you can count on the Sleek operations team to have the knowledge and the dedication to ensure that you receive the very best in customer service, we pride ourselves on it.

Our VMware certified professionals are available 24×7 to support your virtual environments and ensure they are available around the clock and operating at optimal performance.

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If you think that a VMware platform would be a good fit for your requirements or you would like to learn more, contact us.

We take you through the advantages of using VMware hosting with Sleek and set you up a free trial if you want to take it for a test-drive.

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