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Sleek offer a full range of data centre services from our highly secure and highly available UK data centres. Underpinned with multiple on-net Telco providers, Tier 1 Internet transit and a team of on-site engineers, our facilities offer the ideal environment for your performance orientated platforms.

Sleek is an expert in delivering network services within the data centre and between your offices. We can provide a range of Network and Internet connectivity solutions using a range of un-contended network services from leading Telco providers. A range of access circuits are available and Sleek can advise on resilient architectures to protect your business operations.

Sleek can provide IP Network (MPLS IPVPN) WAN connectivity solutions to our customers based on our siginificant experience of consulting, designing and implementing large multi-site IP protocol MPLS solutions.


Sleek’s primary UK site is our high-spec data centre facility in Leeds (Angel House), which was privately built and is owned and operated by Sleek. Additional hosting and interconnect sites include London Telehouse as well as Tier 3 data centres in London Docklands (Cable and Wireless), Leeds (KCOM) and Amsterdam (NIKHEF).

The Angel House data centre utilises best of breed elements, including some of the latest technologies such as modular N+1 Powerwave 9000 DPA UPS’ from Uniterruptible Power Supplies, Stulz N+1 Environmental Free Air-cooling units alongside Rack ‘Cold-Aisle Containment’ systems. A high capacity Diesel Generator with 24 hour fuel supply provides backup power to our data centre.


The Angel House site is also home to Sleek’s NOC (Network Operations Center) which ensures that remote hands resources and escorted access is available 24 x7 The building is protected by infrared CCTV cameras around the full perimeter and internal cameras within the building feed into our video recording systems with offsite backups. All internal and external doors are protected by intelligent access systems that control and track movement into and around the building. External doors all benefit from steel security shutters.

The data centre is constructed on a modular basis with self-contained pods (suites) within the perimeter walls of the building using 1 hour fire-rated steel fire panels with 1-hour rated steel fire-doors.

Access to Sleek data centre suites is controlled and follows a change control process with permission granted via the Cotag system. Internally, Racks are secured and locked with unique PIN codes per Rack. An FM200 Fire Suppression system is installed within the data centre rooms.

All doors and access into and within the building are protected by multi-zone intruder detection systems linked to Redcare.

Security cleared personnel only are allowed access to the building on our access control list, and only to areas specified by zone allowed within their unique profile.

The Angel House data centre is diversely connected into Sleek’s BGP Network with resilient high speed connections from multiple Tier 1 & 2 transit providers to protect our hosted resources from interruptions to their service.

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If you want to find out more about the Angel House data centre, take our online tour.

The tour looks at various aspects of the data centre, its security, cooling systems and fire suppression and gives you a feel for how things are setup and work at Angel House.

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