Disaster Recovery

Restore Critical Data Quickly, Without Loss

If the worst should happen, recovering your data and systems quickly and without loss is absolutely paramount.

The quick, complete restoration of any affected data and systems will ensure the impact on your operations and customers is kept to a minimum and will satisfy the requirements of your business continuity planning objectives.

Sleek Disaster Recovery

Sleek have designed a range of managed backup and disaster recovery services that can be tailored around the exact needs of our customers.

Our data centres are ideally positioned to hold secure copies of your critical data and can be combined with our cloud recovery services to provide fast, reliable restores.

Why Sleek Disaster Recovery?

Disaster Recovery
Fast, Reliable Recovery
  • Combine with managed backup for complete solution
  • Off-site / Multiple Copies
  • Flexible, configurable recovery points
  • Cloud recovery options
  • Instant recovery
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Our disaster recovery and restore services begin with some standardised offerings and can be customised to meet specific needs.

We also offer fully managed backup to augment our disaster recovery solutions and provide a complete service to protect our customer’s data.

Talk to our experts about your backup and disaster recovery requirements today.

Build Your Disaster Recovery Solution

The Sleek disaster recovery platform is built around a backbone of NetApp Syncsort Integrated Backup infrastructure and provides superb recovery speed, reliability and storage capacity.

This flexible and highly performing foundation allows Sleek to design bespoke disaster recovery solutions for our customers, providing them with the support and services they need, with no superfluous additions.

If you just need off-site copies of your data securely stored, Sleek can facilitate your requirements. If you then need the ability to restore instantly, we can build a cloud recovery element into your service.

We shape our industry leading technology and software to deliver the service your business requires.

Multiple Off-site Backups

Many customers simply require secure, off-site storage of their critical data. Our managed backup service utilises NetApp infrastructure for fast, efficient backups with huge storage capacity.

Copies of the data can then be distributed across multiple data centres for additional security and resilience.

Reliable, Rapid Restores without Loss

If your requirements include the restoration of data and systems in the event of failure, Sleek can integrate instant cloud recovery with storage and managed backup for a complete, end-to-end solution.

Backups can be provisioned to Sleek cloud infrastructure and be available instantly in the event of system failure or data loss.

Flexible recovery points and instant recovery capabilities make restores fast and efficient and can be tailored and tuned to fit your needs exactly.

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