Managed Backup

Protect Your Critical Data & Systems

Securing your business data and systems against loss is a commercial and often legal necessity that forms a significant part of businesses continuity planning and disaster recovery measures.

The ability to get systems up and running again as quickly as possible if the worst should happen is vital to protect against loss of customers and revenue.

Sleek have developed a range of cutting-edge, managed backup and disaster recovery services to help business do just that: Protect their data and restore it quickly without loss.

Why Sleek Backup and Disaster Recovery?

Sleek BackupSleek Disaster Recovery
Reduce backup times by 83%Restore from the cloud in minutes
99.99% backup success rate
  • Changed block level backup
  • 95% reduction in data transfer
  • Off-site / multiple location copies
  • DR service options
  • Tailored around you
Restore data from the cloud
  • Flexible recovery points
  • Instant recovery
  • Improved reliability
  • DR service options
  • Tailored around you
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Sleek’s Networks range of managed backup services begin with some standardised offerings and can be customised to meet specific needs.

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More On Sleek Managed Backup

The Sleek managed backup service uses a combination of enterprise technologies to reduce the amount of data that needs to be moved from the protected servers to the backup storage, this results in a greatly reduced backup window regardless of the amount of data being protected. Changed block tracking typically results in a 95% reduction in data transfer and reduced CPU, disk and network I/O.

Data flows directly from the backup client to the backup storage without having to pass through a backup/media server. This results in optimal performance by removing a component that is often a bottleneck in traditional backup topologies.

Syncsort software, used in conjunction with enterprise NetApp storage, forms the backbone of our data backup and restore service. The Syncsort solution dramatically reduces the time it takes to perform backups and makes it possible to recover data much more rapidly, reducing the disruption to client systems and services.


Incremental forever block level technology built into the Sleek managed backup service ensures that backups complete successfully with minimal impact on the production systems delivering a 99.99% backup success rate.

The managed backup service is monitored and managed 24 x 7 by the Sleek Networks operations team.


With support for agentless backup of VMware virtual machines and agent based backup of both physical and virtual machines (regardless of hypervisor type), the Sleek managed backup service provides flexibility to suit each customer requirement irrespective of the infrastructure.

Bare metal recovery support ensures restores to dissimilar hardware (physical or virtual) and/or cloud infrastructure is both a straightforward and reliable process.


The managed backup service requires connectivity to the Sleek data centre, bandwidth requirements vary depending on the amount of data being protected and the rate of data change. Efficiency features built into the Sleek managed backup service technology (such as the block level incremental backups) ensure that network requirements are much lower than typically required to provide remote backup services.


Sleek Networks would recommend a fast connection (e.g. 100Mbps or greater) to ensure that both backup and restore times are kept to a minimum.


Where connectivity is limited Sleek can offer the service with a local backup storage appliance to support high speed backups and restores, backup data is then copied remotely in the background without impacting these operations and still providing off-site copies.

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