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Sleek own and operate our own data centre facilites at Angel House in Leeds. We wanted complete control of our infrastructure to allow us to develop it the way we wanted and in-line with our focus on cutting edge, industry leading technology.

This level of control improves the quality of our customer solutions, support and security and gives a strong backbone of resilience and reliability to our network, connectivity and colocation services.

We offer a wide range of services from Angel House and you can find out more on our main data centre services page.

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Move through the tour for information on various parts of the data centre and some of the technologies and processes we have in place to keep our customers solutions, cool, protected and functioning optimally.

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Sleek Security

Safe & Secure

Data centre security is paramount to Sleek and we have a number of different measures and procedures in place to ensure our solutions and servers are protected from unauthorised access.

Razor Wire Protects the Perimeter Fence

As well as the data centre, the Angel House site is home to Sleek’s NOC (Network Operations Center) which ensures that remote hands resources and escorted access is available 24 x7. Entry to the walled site is controlled by electronic access gate, with some boundaries topped by razor wire. External doors all benefit from electronic steel shutters and security barriers protect the loading bay doors.

The Sleek buildings are protected by infrared CCTV cameras around the full perimeter, internal cameras monitor within the buildings and all video recording systems have full offsite backups to add resilience to the system.

Intelligent Access

Secure Access Panel

All internal and external doors are protected by intelligent access systems that control and track movement into and around the building, giving Sleek a real-time view of who is where, within the data centre.

Access can be granted zone by zone, to allow people to move around the buildings without being granted access to the more sensitive data centre pods.

Customer access to the data centre is available by arrangement, following completion of the access request paperwork and submission of valid photographic ID.

Rack Security

Each and every rack in the data centre is secured from unauthorised access by a PIN code lock. This final layer of security prevents anyone but the owners of the rack and approved representatives, getting access to your servers and storage.

Each Rack is Secured by a PIN code Lock
Into the Data Centre

Data Centre Pods

We are now going to take a look in more detail at the inside of the data centre and one of the ‘pods’ that house our racks.

Into the Pods

When you have passed through all the necessary security processes, signed-in and passed through the first few secure doors, you enter the data centre proper.

A Connecting Corridor Between Pods with Separate Secure Access

Angel House is constructed on a modular basis, with each ‘pod’ within the data centre housing its own cold-aisles of racks and separate fire suppression and cooling systems.

Each Pod is secured separately, granting visitors access to only the relevant Pod, not everywhere within the data centre. This keeps security tight and makes the creation of more completely private, one client only caged areas and suites simple and straightforward.

Rack Cold Aisles

The racks that house the servers and storage in each pod utilise ‘cold-aisle’ containment technology, designed to keep the temperature of the equipment at the optimum levels for performance.

The aisles are sealed with a roof and sliding doors to keep the cold air circulating around the equipment. The air is pumped into the aisles through vents in the floor under each rack and the temperature is constantly monitored and controlled from Sleek’s NOC.

Each aisles still offers full access to the front and the back of the racks however, giving ample room for the installation of equipment and modifications.

The image to the left shows the rear of a cold aisle. Access to the rear of the equipment, cabling and PDU’s can be found here, without the temperature within the aisle being adversely affected.

The aisle construction is also flexible enough to accomodate half racks, for customers with smaller requirements.

Keeping It Cool - Data Centre Cooling Systems

Cooling in the Data Centre

Cooling in the data centre is of vital importance. At Sleek, we have made substantial investment in a number of technologies that keep our pods cool and all the equipment running at optimum temperature.

Free Air-Cooling

Stulz Free Air-Cooling Unit

The Stulz N+1 environmental free air-cooling unit takes air from outside the data centre building, cools it, then circulates it to keep temperatures down.

It required a significant investment to have this technology installed initially but the benefits to the data centre and the environment, make this a worthwhile longterm investment for Angel House.

The Stulz solution is a powerful way to keep the data centre temperature levels down and under control but we use this in tandem with another cooling method to ensure our racks never run hot.

Cold Aisle Containment

As mentioned in the description of the Angel House pods, our racks are assembled in a cold aisle containment configuration. This isolates the racks and keeps a constant flow of cold air circulating around them. The aisle is enclosed on all sides with a ceiling over the top. The aisle is accessible via a sliding, air-tight door at one end and the rear of the racks face outward, giving engineers complete access to servers and storage, cabling and power bars.

Cold Aisle Containment Vents

The aisle is constructed over a series of vents wich pump the cold air up, under the racks and keep everything cool. The ceiling has been designed to allow the fire suppression system to fit seamlessly, protecting all the equipment in the event of an incident.

Sleek’s team of hosting engineers monitor the state of every cold aisle in the data centre and are constantly fed updates by the system to enable the effective management of temperatures.

Fire Suppression Systems

Fire Suppression Systems

The Sleek data centre uses the very latest fire suppression systems, to ensure that in the very unlikely event of a fire, it is extinguished quickly, safely and without damage to the equipment in the racks.

FM200 Fire Suppression system

The data centre pods are protected by a FM200 Fire Suppression system, which uses the FM-200 extinguishing agent to put out fires while minimising any damage to the electrical equipment in the rooms.

Fire Suppression Canister

The agent is suitable for both Class A (fires including solid materials) and Class B fires (fires including flammable liquids) and does not leave a residue following discharge, which makes it ideal for data centre application.

In the event of a fire, the FM200 system discharges the agent in under 10 seconds, putting out any fire quickly, minimising any potential for damage.

With no residue to deal with following discharge, the impact to Sleek and our client systems and servers is reduced.


FM200 Delivery System

The FM200 is stored in canisters within the data centre pods and in the event of a fire, it is delivered from outlets suspended from the ceiling.

These outlets are connected to the canisters and are located at strategic points within each pod to provide total coverage. The design of each cold aisle containment allows for the introduction of the FM200 agent via the ceiling, so the racks themselves are offered the full protection of the system, while still remaining sealed to keep the cold air trapped.

The FM200 system also has strong environmental credentials, with 0 ozone depletion potential and a low global warming potential in comparison to other gases and agents.

Power Protection

Data Centre Power

A continuous, uninterrupted supply of power is essential to the the smooth running of the data centre. The Angel House data centre features a number of different technologies to ensure power resiliency and a reliable service for our customers.

Sleek Sub-Station

The Angel House data centre has its own dedicated sub-station built on site to provide its power.

As the data centre consumes a large amount of power in its operaton, a dedicated sub-station is required to fully meet those needs.

N+1 Powerwave 9000 DPA UPS

The Powerwave 9000 from Uninterruptible Power Supplies serves a duel role within the data centre.

UPS Unit

During normal operation the unit serves to regulate the power coming from the Sleek sub-station into the data centre. It protects the racks from any surges or spikes in power from the national grid, which otherwise could be potentially harmful to the servers and other electronic equipment.

Its other function is to act as the link between the sub-station and backup generator power, in the event of a failure. It for any reason power from the sub-station was lost, the Powerwave 9000 unit would ensure power remained routed to the data centre while the diesel generator started and took over temporary power supply duties.

Backup Generator

Located on site, Sleek have a large diesel generator which will supply power in event of a mains failure and until the issue is rectified.

The generator has a 24 hour fuel supply to give ample time for the power supply to be brought back online. Weekly tests are conducted to ensure the generator is in perfect working order and will perform if needed.

Diversely Connected

On Net

A key benefit for solutions hosted in the Sleek Angel House data centre and those customers who choose us for colocation, is the diverse range of high speed connections into the data centre.

Tier 1 Telco’s

The data centre is connected to our own BGP network and benefits from our multiple, high speed physical fibre connections to Tier 1 transit providers such as BT, Virgin Media, KCOM and Level3.

These connections offer our data centre reliable and importantly, resilient, Internet transit that ensures a stable and uninterrupted service for our customers hosted solutions.

Exchanges & Peering

Sleek are members of the London & Leeds Internet Exchanges and peer directly with a large number of relevant content & Internet providers. This ensures that our customers’ servers benefit from a high quality blended Internet feed that is fast and above all, resilient.

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