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We offer a range of dedicated server packages to suit most requirements or we can create a bespoke configuration, built around your exact needs.

Why Sleek Dedicated Servers?

  • Serious hosting for serious requirements
  • Support calls handled by our team of experienced engineers
  • Exceptional 24 x 7 support
  • ISO27001 & ISO9001 accredited service
  • Wholly owned and operated UK data centres

Affordable Performance

We have put together three dedicated server packages that offer generous specifications at affordable pricing.

Bespoke Configurations

Click through the tabs to see an overview of each package and more detailed specifications. Remember, if you are unsure of the best-fit for you business needs or you would like a bespoke configuration, contact us.

Bronze Package

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Package features:

From Only: £195.00 PCM

Silver Package

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Package features:

From Only: £295.00 PCM

Gold Package

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Package features:

From Only: £395.00 PCM


Our Dedicated Server hosting platforms are aimed at businesses that require high specification services with complete autonomous infrastructure operation and control. Our Dedicated Server solutions make use of the HP Proliant range of rackmount servers which we believe provides the optimum performance and reliability for a premium service. We’ve used just about every vendor in the market thoughout our varied careers and given our experiences, we believe HP to be the best in terms of build quality, reliability and after sales support.

A Dedicated Server hosted with Sleek gives you the peace of mind that your platform is housed in a first-class data centre, benefiting from on-site technical support without making the investment required to purchase/manage/support that platform in your own computer room.

The physical hardware & Internet connectivity is fully managed by Sleek Networks, while the day-to-day administration of the operating system, applications and content are left in your control.


With a Dedicated Server, you can exercise total control over your web presence. You can choose the operating system and software you wish to use and individualise settings for your multimedia and e-commerce requirements.

Dedicated hosting is the perfect solution for users that require additional processing power and have more demanding hosting needs, because it permits the deployment of more complex applications, bespoke database services, streaming media and high-end e-mail solutions.

Dedicated Servers offer excellent service options because the hardware is limited to you and your visitor’s use. This means that the Web Server performance and the security of e-commerce applications are enhanced. Security can be further improved by provisioning a managed firewall(s) in front of the dedicated server, allowing you to enforce your own access control policy and protect your website from malicious activity.


We would love to talk to you about how a Sleek dedicated server platform could make a difference to your business. We look at each of our customers’ needs individually and then design a dedicated solution around those specific needs, so you can be certain you are getting exactly what you need.

We support all our solutions with a team of experienced Network Engineers, offering you the reassurance that when you need to pick up the phone, you will speak to someone who can deal with your enquiry.

Our service can be tailored precisely and we offer some of the most competitive rates around.

Talk to us and get a quote.

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