As an online retailer your business depends upon your website being continually available to your customers in the UK and around the world. We understand downtime is costly for any company and we are experts in architecting solutions that ensure you avoid it.

Any downtime means lost revenues and lost reputation. Our hosting solutions ensure you get the correct hosting package to best guarantee availability and a platform that will best maximise your online sales.

Sleek offer a range of high-availability Cloud, Dedicated, and Hybrid Hosting services to suit a range of eCommerce applications and we provide platforms that underpin some of the largest and busiest transactional eCommerce websites in the UK.

Our team are focussed on delivering high-performance eCommerce hosting with some of the highest uptime guarantees and expert around-the-clock support.

We also ensure the highest levels of security, 24/7/365 monitoring and fast Internet connections delivered from our Tier 3 Data Centres to support your online business.

Our long history of hosting and industry expertise make us the ideal choice to bring your business online or develop and protect your existing online revenues. We can help improve your eCommerce website performance, increase site availability and provide you with the flexibility to cope with those bursts in traffic and busy periods of demand.

Case Studies

The case studies below give some examples of the ecommerce hosting platforms that Sleek have designed for successful online websites.

Ecommerce Case Studies

Sleek specialise in supporting ecommerce businesses with a range of different hosting solutions, tailored around their exact requirements.

Find out more in the case studies below:

Red Candy – robust and scalable cloud hosting

SecretSales – The UK’s leading private shopping club

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