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Enterprise hosting is our forte and we’re passionate about building large, complex and uncompromising hosting architectures to deliver some of the biggest and busiest websites in the UK.

We realise that standard products do not always perfectly meet a customer’s requirements, which is why we have people who specialise in providing these bespoke, fully-managed hosting environments.

Our Hosting Consultants have extensive experience in this area and are responsible for the design, implementation and support of some of the largest hosting platforms in operation in the UK today. These Internet hosting solutions underpin the critical web operations of many FTSE 100 Companies and handle millions of pounds worth of transactions every day.


The principles and technologies upon which these platforms are architected, can be scaled up or down to provide a ‘best-fit’ solution for our customers’ advanced hosting requirements. Services such as full OS management, content switching, local and geographic load balancing (GSLB), database clustering and firewall management are all available and are accompanied by a comprehensive range of technical support, maintenance and monitoring services.

Whatever your requirement, our Hosting Consultants can design a solution which completely meets your current business needs and can be seamlessly scaled to meet any new requirements in the future.

Case Studies

The case studies below show how Sleek have setup enterprise hosting solutions with some of our customers. Take a look at how we did it, why we did it and importantly, what our customers think of the results.

Enterprise Hosting Case Studies

Sleek specialise in supporting businesses with a range of different enterprise web hosting solutions, tailored around their exact requirements.

Find out more in the case studies below:

Pizza Express – Gondola Group Enterprise Hosting

Progressive Media Group – Enterprise Hosting

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